Saturday, June 06, 2015

The Best Way to Get Asher to Fall Asleep is to Fall Asleep

My morning Asher shift starts as early as 2a and ends when I head into work around 8a.  Usually, he's starving when I first get him, so he's pretty chill once he's guzzled his first bottle of formula.  He won't usually fall asleep, but neither will he whine or cry.  So I can enjoy some really sweet cuddle time, or if I need to do work he can sit peacefully in his rocker and watch me. 

By later on in the morning, though, I'd like him to fall back asleep so I can sneak out for a run or a swim.  That's when I'm hoping a diaper change and another bottle will put him on the path to z's.  Alas, this is only successful about a third of the time.

Earlier this week, I was particularly desperate for him to fall back asleep.  I had been out late at a business meeting so went to bed way late for me.  And he woke up on the early side of my morning shift.  So I was woozy from sleep deprivation, and pining to get him back down so I could crawl back into bed myself.  I threw everything in the book at him but to no avail.  I retired to the parlor and laid out on the couch, Asher face down on my chest, and closed my eyes as if to wish myself to a better place. 

I woke up some time later and realized I had fallen asleep.  I looked down and Asher was still asleep.  Who knew that the best way to get Asher to fall asleep is to fall asleep?  So I now have a new trick up my sleeve.
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