Monday, June 08, 2015

Asher's 1st 5K

Even though we do Jada and Aaron's school's 5K run every year, this year's registration was a little bit of a blur because we turned everything in right around when we were getting ready to go to OKC to get Asher.  So I didn't even remember who we signed up for what and had to ask the registration desk what we had done.

What we signed up for was for Jada, Aaron, and I to run the 5K and for Amy to run the 1-mile.  Amy was bummed about this, as since she was awake she might as well get a good run in.  But obviously, the two adults couldn't run at the same time, since we'd have to take turns watching Asher.

But wait, why not push Asher in the stroller through the race course?  So, minutes before the race, we conspired to do just that.  I would run with Jada, and with this being Aaron's first 5K he'd have some company from his mother and baby brother, at least unofficially.

Jada kept a good pace with a friend who is a very accomplished runner, so I figured Amy, Aaron, and Asher were way behind us, either because Aaron would be wheezing or because the stroller would prove challenging to push for so long.  But lo and behold, at the turn at the halfway mark, we looked back and the three of them were just a few seconds behind us.  And, by the 2-mile mark, they'd passed us.

At that point, Amy left the stroller with me and zoomed ahead to get in some speed work.  So I plodded along with Aaron while Jada kept up with her friend 100 feet in front.  But Aaron tired without his mommy to push him along, and was soon walking and whining.  Perhaps Amy's mommy sense was tingling, because she sprinted all the way back to us and resumed pushing the stroller and pushing Aaron.  I sprinted up to catch up with Jada, and we crossed the finish line minutes later at around 32 minutes.  Aaron, Amy, and Asher finished a minute later.  Record times for everyone!
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