Monday, March 23, 2015

Yellow Belt

This is a picture of ISKF's newest yellow belt leading closing stretches.  That's right: Aaron passed his belt test.  Amy and I are real proud of him for seeing this through.  He's gone through all sorts of phases with karate, from being scared of it to loving it to dreading it.  Through it all, he's been technically sound and consistently diligent in practice, and passing his belt test was the fruit of all that labor. 

Karate for Amy and I has become a metaphor for Aaron, in that life is about working hard even when you don't want to put in the time, and that if you do you will see the success and grow to like something.  In other words, we think we like something and so we put in the work and get good at it, but the order of that is actually the opposite: it's the stuff we work hard on and good at that becomes what we end up enjoying. 

Hopefully Aaron is taking this life lesson to heart.  A hearty cheer for our new yellow belt!
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