Friday, August 29, 2014

Jada Attends a Business Event

Thursday night brought two meetings downtown at the same time: a choir orientation for Jada and a business event I wanted to attend.  What to do about this scheduling conflict?  I decided to tell Jada to put on a nice dress and come with me to the event, after which we could split and go to the orientation.  After all these years of telling her I wouldn't be home in the evening because I was going to a business event, she was pleased to finally see one with her own eyes. 

I can't say it was the time of her life because she was decidedly underwhelmed with the food selection (great offerings, but skewed to grown-up tastes, and no sweets either).  Plus some of my favorite people were there, but they are just strangers to her.  Still, she didn't mind getting dressy and spending some quality time with her dad.  And there was a fun photo booth where we could take silly pictures.  All in all, I'm glad we could make both and I wonder if Jada won't pester me to tag along again.
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