Sunday, August 31, 2014

Huangs in Wbg/DC, Day 1

 A vacation that doesn't involve a plane ride means we can pack lots more stuff than we usually do, including food and beverage.  Luckily, our tiny '06 Chevy Aveo has a surprisingly big trunk and everything fits easily.

After morning chores, we are off in the late morning for a 5-hour drive to our first destination, Williamsburg.  We made one stop, for sustenance for car and people, and checked into our hotel.

Minutes later, Jada and Aaron were in the hotel pool (it was nice), Amy was trying out the fitness center (not so nice), and vacation had begun.  We ordered Chinese take-out, watched cable TV, and fell asleep before 9.  A good, solid, relaxing start to our summer vacation.

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