Monday, May 19, 2014

T: V

When I travel, I get a kick out of buying something for Amy and the kids.  Usually, it's some piece of clothing that connects them back to my trip, like T-shirts of the local sports team.  They make for good conversation starters: people can't resist asking what my kids' intersection with the Arkansas Razorbacks is, for example.  (Answer: none - I just, thankfully, had a few minutes during my last business trip to Northwest Arkansas to hit a nearby university bookstore.)

Villanova doesn't really count as a business trip, since it's just in the immediate suburbs.  But it too has a university bookstore, and I again found myself with a few spare minutes.  So the kids scored these nifty sweatshirts that they wear with pride.  Even better, they debuted them on the day of the university's commencement.  Nova Nation, baby! 

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