Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Realized Gains and Losses

http://blog.womenshealthmag.com/scoop/files/2012/08/period-pennies.jpg?file=2012/08/period-pennies.jpgI'm close to having Aaron keep his own ledger like Jada does, but for now I'm his bookkeeper.  He gets a buck a week if he does all his chores and puts away his shoes/jacket/lunchbox every day, and we don't give him a whole lot of opportunities to spend that money willy-nilly, so usually the accounting is pretty plain vanilla.

This past month, though, has seen a flurry of activity, on both the plus and minus side.  On the plus side, he got some Christmas money from relatives.  On the minus side, he bought some souvenirs when we were in California.  I also let him order something from National Geographic's clearance catalog.

Unfortunately for Aaron, he's also been fined a bunch of times for stuff around the house:

  • Left clothes on the floor -$5
  • Didn't put away dishes after a meal 5 x -$1
  • Left nightlight on all day -$5
  • Broke headphones and had to buy new phones -$18

Yeah, we don't play.  Hopefully he learns.
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