Friday, September 20, 2013


The good news of Jada and Aaron being at the same school is that I just had to go to one Back to School night.  The bad news is that it now meant there were two classrooms I had to hit at the same time.

Aaron's teacher was Jada's teacher two years ago, so I decided to see her first, reintroduce myself, and explain I'd be elsewhere for the evening.  I'm so glad Aaron has her, and I look forward to our first parent-teacher conference.

Jada's teacher I like a lot.  She seemed competent, committed, and earnest, all things I value in a teacher.  I'm looking forward to getting to know her over the course of the year.

Jada's classroom was a revelation, in that it was filled with things that expressed how kids viewed themselves: a self-portrait, a poem, a mobile.  Even the mini-library each kid had room for told a story about what that kid valued; Jada's, for example, had the most books, mostly about animals. 

Back to School night can be a logistical challenge.  But it is also a wonderful window into where our kids spend the majority of their weekdays.  Amy and I are so thankful that our kids go to a good school, where they can flourish and grow.

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