Friday, August 09, 2013

Cali 2013, Day 7 of 15

Disneyland! But first, free buffet breakfast at Embassy Suites! We all exercised in the morning to get our appetites up, Amy going for a jog and the kids and I hitting the pool for laps. Sufficiently fueled for a long day, we took the shuttle and met our friends at Disneyland, where we proceeded to have a great time. It wasn't too hot, and while there was a sea of humanity in the place, none of the lines were too insanely long (i.e. everything was 45 minutes or less, which for Disneyland I'll take). We stayed all the way through to the end, which made for some harrowing moments at the end, as the kids started getting weary at several points throughout the day and night, only to rally just enough to get us through. My phone died at the very end, which is unfortunate, because I wish I could've taken even more pics than I did take. But we'll always have the memories. For their first trip to a place as big as Disneyland, I'm sure our kids will have a lot of happy memories for a long time to come.
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