Thursday, June 20, 2013

Vacation Bleg spent a weirdly large amount of time thinking about family vacations.  The combination of family time, travel, and maps draws me irresistibly.  Hence I often scribble possible itineraries in the most random of places and at the most random of times.

I'm not likely to change the number of hours I obsess over this.  But at least I can get out of my own head, by getting advice from others.  Thus, I have a few 25-point toss-ups for anyone to chime in on:

(1) Big-time destinations in SoCal to spend a day at - Definitely Disneyland, but what would be #2?  California Adventure, Univeral Studios, Legoland, Sea World, and Knott's Berry Farm are my short list as of now.

(2) Big North American cities to spend a week in - My top ones would have to be DC, Seattle, Toronto, and Chicago.  Can someone make a case for Denver or St. Louis?

(3) Amtrak across the country - Is it a relaxing way to see the vastness of the US or is it too expensive/boring/difficult?  And what's the best route, either in terms of scenery or stops?

(4) National parks - Is Grand Canyon, Bryce, and Zion the best three-park combo that can be done in one trip? 
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