Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Drama in the Bedrooms

Aaron's initial foray into having his own room has hit a little snag.  Apparently, his enthusiasm to have his own room and sleep in his brand new loft bed under new Spiderman sheets has been overcome by his fear of being all alone in a new setting.  The boy never did do transitions good, but this was still unexpected: having gotten all his stuffed animals in his new bed, and with the bedroom light still on, he had a full-on freakout about "seeing something move," and then couldn't get himself calmed down.  It took a parental intervention to get himself and his stuffed animal posse back into his old bed in Jada's room. 

Jada was none too thrilled to have her old roommate back.  Even before Aaron had finished moving his stuffed animals out, she had already written a "no boys allowed" sign on her bedroom door.  And, I don't read her diary but I'd bet a million bucks that she wrote something to the effect of "yay, I now have my own room!" 

We'll try this again next weekend. 

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