Monday, January 28, 2013

Sleep, Over

Jada's friend's birthday party this past weekend was a sleepover party.  As I dropped Jada off on Saturday evening, her friend was waiting by the window; it was really cute to see how happy she was to see her friends starting to come. 

When all the parents picked up our daughters the next morning, we got bits and pieces of how the party went, from the host parents and from the kids themselves.  Apparently they stayed up past midnight but not much later, woke up at 6, and thoroughly enjoyed each others' company throughout.  Nails were painted, secrets were whispered, and everyone seemed happy and not actually that tired looking. 

I'm glad my daughter has good friends, and that I know their parents and that we all live so close together.  It's one of the great facets of their childhood for which I am grateful. 
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