Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Huang Boys Do Breakfast at Mickey D's

Photo: Huang boys at McD's, followed by haircuts (clothes shopping and bar hopping will not ensue)While Jada was still at her friend's sleepover birthday party, Aaron and I had father-son time, first by hitting McDonald's for breakfast and then by going to the barbershop.  (I promise that not all dad-kid one-on-one times in 2013 will be at a McDonald's.) We had no momentous conversation, no father-son relationship breakthrough, no Hallmark moments.  Just two dudes pounding the hot cakes and sausage, running to the bus so we wouldn't have to walk, and playing chess at the barber's while waiting for our turns.  But hopefully if we keep this up, when it comes time for deep stuff, Aaron will know I'm all ears for him. 
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