Monday, November 26, 2012

The Gift of Gift-Giving
Sorry to beat this issue into the ground, but I'm so pleased with Jada's financial decision-making at year's end.  Here's someone who is solely about herself - just doesn't have a category for empathy - and yet, with a resource (money) that she knows she can translate into more stuff for herself, she has decided to give some away and use some more of it for gifts for others.  Even better, there is an innocent excitement about doing so, whether it's chicks and rabbits for families in need or hand-picked gifts for teachers and family members.

On the recipients' side, Amy and I have decided to make a huge deal out of whatever it is Jada has picked out for us.  As practical as we are, it's hard to not get something schlocky and complain aloud that it was a waste of money.  But that would be hurtful to our fledgling gift-buyer.  So instead, we're going to rein in our stinginess and be demonstratively delighted at whatever Jada gives us.

My model for this is a dear high school friend of mine whose daughter made a tie out of paper for him, who not only wore said tie to work but took numerous photos with his co-workers wearing said tie (and the big smile of a proud papa).  Needless to say, he left his daughter soaring with happiness.  We hope for the same kind of outcome, and positive reinforcement, for our little gift-giver.
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