Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Eight Minutes a Day of Father-Daughter Time
Even though it's somewhat inconvenient for our kids to go to two different schools, the commute is not so bad.  Both schools are just two short blocks away, albeit in different directions.  So every morning, we go two blocks to Aaron's school, and then Jada and I walk four blocks to her school.  All told, it takes about 13 minutes: four to Aaron's school, one getting him into the school and into the cafeteria, and eight back to Jada's school.

Those eight minutes have become an important father-daughter time for Jada and me.  We talk about just about everything, including friends, dating, and college. 

I regret that sometimes I'm not fully present during those times, still steaming over something one of the kids did over breakfast or stressing over something coming up at work.  But the good thing is it's a daily occurrence, so I have plenty of times to be present. 

To be sure, Jada and I spend other time together.  But there's something about having just father and daughter time, at a regular time each time, that I think will make those eight minutes all the more memorable looking back.
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