Friday, October 12, 2012

Head, Nurse

To paraphrase an old Dizzy Dean quote, Aaron got a head injury at school; they checked his noggin and found nothing Got a voice message from Aaron's school yesterday morning.  Apparently he was in the library reading books and the librarian, in an attempt to keep one of his classmates from climbing the shelves, plowed into Aaron, knocking him over and causing him to hit his forehead on the floor pretty hard.  They took him to the school nurse and kept him there for 15 minutes just as a precaution, but he had stopped crying even before they got there and seemed fine, so they released him to go back to class. 

Amy and I did our own check-up when we got him home, and he seemed fine, so that's a relief.  Good thing he has a hard noggin.  Even so, we hugged him extra tight last night for good measure.
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