Monday, October 08, 2012

A Friendly Face Becomes a Trusted Companion the land of the unknown, a kind face goes a long way.  And so Aaron found himself in the school cafeteria for breakfast, on his first day of kindergarten last month, in a foreign place with nary a familiar face in sight.  So Ms. Tasha, one of the workers at Aaron's school, smiled kindly and beckoned for him to sit with her.  And there he sat, petrified and quiet, for the duration of breakfast, until it was time to line up to go to class. 

And there he has sat, at every breakfast.  Even as he has gotten to know his fellow breakfast attendees and classmates.  Because Ms. Tasha is a friendly face and a warm soul.  In fact, one day she was tied up with something on site and didn't get to the cafeteria until right before breakfast was over, and poor Aaron cried and cried until she arrived. 

We're thankful for Ms. Tasha, a rock for Aaron as he navigates new waters.  All by her lonesome, she helps Aaron survive a daunting new school.

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