Wednesday, September 12, 2012

This Y Has Video Games

Last weekend we decided to check out the Y in Ardmore, since that's where the kids'll be taking gymnastics classes for the next several Saturdays.  Aaron said he didn't want to swim but Jada did, so Aaron got dropped off in the kid room and Jada and I made our way to the pool. 

The pool there is about half the size of the West Philly Y's, and it's all lanes (i.e. no big area for just splashing around).  So we were informed that Jada couldn't swim, so I brought her back to the kid room and returned to the pool to do my laps. 

After I showered and dressed, I went back to pick the kids up and saw them playing video games in front of a huge TV screen.  They didn't want to leave, and why not, since they have neither video games nor huge TV screens at their own home.  Who would have thunk that they'd get both at a Y?
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