Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gymnastics at the Y

Last month, millions of little boys and girls were dazzled by Gabby, Jordan, McKayla, and the other gold medal winning US women's gymnasts, and turned to their moms and dads and said, "I want to learn gymnastics."  Jada and Aaron were not among those millions, having not watched a lick of the Olympics.  But Amy and I have wanted them to get into gymnastics, thinking that they'd both excel and have fun as well. (Insert your favorite sadistic joke about wee Asians drilling into the wee hours.)

Alas, with Aaron's school situation up in the air, we held off on making plans for the school year.  By the time we decided to forget waiting for other pieces in the schedule to land first, lots of places were full up.  We've decided as a trial balloon to try classes at the Y.  It's not our home Y, which doesn't offer gymnastics, but another Y that is within relatively easy driving distance and that offers back-to-back classes for Aaron and Jada on Saturdays (there was no way we were going to schedule anything during the week, what with a potential nightmarish commuting routine). 

We'll see how it goes.  If they have fun, we'll continue to let it ride.  And if they're really good?  Well, where's Bela Karolyi?
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