Friday, September 14, 2012

Past, Present, Future

As an "N" in Myers-Briggs parlance, I am ever future-oriented, which even permeates my parenting: looking ahead to when my kids will be older, focused on preparing them to be older and to be on their own.  Amy is more prone to reminiscing about the past: remember when Jada was just a little peanut, or when we first got Aaron.  Not that we are always at those extremes: I think back a lot, too, and Amy has her things that she focuses on in terms of instructing our kids for when they're out in the world. 

Sometimes lost in all of this is just enjoying our kids in the present.  Parents, can you relate?  Maybe some of you are "in the moment" people, but others of you are like us, growing melancholy about days gone and working hard to mold our kids for days ahead.  Whether past, present, or future, children are a gift from God, so let's not sleep on them.
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