Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our Own Locust Swarm

Between a recent nighttime Bible story and a recent nature documentary, the kids were exposed to the destructive effects of locust swarms.  Over breakfast the other morning, Jada asked me how it was that these little insects could wreak such havoc against humans.  I explained to her that locust swarms involved staggering numbers of locusts, and that locusts ate everything in sight, leaving nothing behind for humans and causing them to starve to death.

As if on cue, Aaron, seating next to Jada, handed me two huge stems of grapes, the remnants of two huge bunches of grapes I had just given him seconds ago as part of his fruit bowl.  The boy is 5 and it is clear he is already becoming our own little locust swarm.  Amy and I will need to work extra hard to afford the grocery bill that he will soon require.
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