Saturday, August 11, 2012

Double Bad News re: Aaron's Kindergarten Situation

I called Penn Alexander yesterday to check in on Aaron's situation.  Two pieces of bad news:

(1) Aaron, who got #6 on the wait-list after all that waiting in January, is still #6 on the wait-list.  In other words, no one who registered for kindergarten and got in has subsequently left.  There is the possibility that people are waiting until the last minute to inform Penn Alexander that they will not be sending their child to kindergarten there, but as of now no one has done so.

(2) The School District may not tell us what school Aaron will be going to until later this month or even early September.  In other words, right before the school year starts. 

On the positive side, they hang on to that wait-list, so if there are students who leave during the school year, they'll start working down the list.  And, importantly, if the whole school year goes by and we're still not in, at least we don't have to get back in line for 1st grade registration.

I also found out that kindergarten doesn't start until September 19 (although parent-teacher conferences are the week before).  So we have a little bit more breathing room than I thought (I had September 13 in my head as first day for kindergarten).

Trying desperately to find peace in God through all this . . .  

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