Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Poconos, Day 3

 Up here in the mountains, rain is frequent, which not only puts a damper on catching some rays but prevents you from getting into the water (lake, outdoor pool, or even, as a precaution, indoor pool).  But today was sunny for the whole day.  In the morning, Jada and Granddad went fishing while Nina read, Aaron watched TV, and Amy slept, so I was able to go to the community center to lift and run.  Ah, what a refreshment to run amongst the trees.

In the late morning, we packed our stuff and headed to the big outdoor pool, which has hundreds of lounge chairs and a beautiful view of the lake.  The kids were in the water for most of the day, riding Granddad or practicing their swim strokes, while Amy, Nina, and I read by the poolside.  We packed lunch so were able to stay until the late afternoon.

Since it was Granddad's birthday, we went out to dinner at a nearby restaurant.  Jada and Aaron ate very well, and just when I thought they couldn't fit any more food in the bellies, they both polished off the ice cream that came with their meals with ease.  As we were finishing, it started pouring outside, so we raced home and got them into bed.  They were out within minutes, and slept soundly. 

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