Saturday, June 16, 2012

Impromptu "Take Your Daughter to Work" Day

 The public schools closed on Thursday and Jada's camps don't start until Monday, so yesterday was an impromptu "Take Your Daughter to Work Day."  I packed our portable DVD player, her 2nd grade reading assignments, and some homework sheets, and asked her to pack DVDs, chapter books, and things to write with and on.  We dropped off Aaron and then took the bus downtown. 

I wasn't sure how productive I would be with her in the office, but thankfully she was pretty cooperative, since I ended up having a ton of work to do.  She did all her homework first and was clamoring for TV by before lunch.  She got in about a half-hour before we headed to Chinatown for dim sum.  She enjoyed sitting next to the lobster tank and loved the food, and somehow had enough room in her belly to scarf down a cream bun from the bakery next door to the restaurant.

When we got back to the office, she resumed watching TV and really started getting to business.  Next thing you know, it was time to wrap up and get ourselves back to school to pick up Aaron.  As we rumbled in the direction of our neighborhood on the bus, I told Jada that I had a great time . . . but that Monday, she was going to camp.  Let's keep the quality-time-with-daughter for the mornings, evenings, and weekends.

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