Sunday, May 06, 2012

Still Clueless about Women

I have never been able to figure out women, and apparently that extends to the young woman who is living under our roof.  We were doing bedtime stories after baths one evening, and while settling in for Jada's story, I noticed her hair was still wet so I asked her to dry it some more.  She absolutely freaked out, crying and resisting my repeated attempts to dry it for her.  I finally gave up and continued our bedtime routine, but was shaken and confused by her reactions.

Amy pulled me aside and offered an explanation.  Bedtime is a sacred time for our little girl, a time to snuggle up to her daddy at the end of a long day of being apart and being on the go.  When I recoiled from her after feeling her wet hair against me, she - either consciously or subconsciously - took that as a rejection from me of her.  That it was physical and visual in nature made it even more shame-inducing. 

I felt a little defensive and puzzled, but the explanation made sense and so did Jada's behavior, so she and I had a little talk about it, and I offered my apologies and an affirmation that her wet head was always welcome against my shoulder.  I love my little girl and also her wise mother.  But I am not looking forward to Jada's teen years - I'm sure this won't be the last time I hurt her out of my cluelessness and insensitivity.
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