Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Huang Family Newsletter, April 2012

Aaron started baseball, so now has one weekday evening practice and one or two weekend games.  His appetite has become ravenous, so we are expecting another growth spurt.  We had a minor scare when he stuck a bead up his nose, but Amy was able to get it out. 

Jada is still doing ballet; her rehearsal is next month.  She read the assurance of pardon at our church's Youth Sunday.  She also lost one of her front teeth at her friend's party.

We enjoyed Easter dinner at Amy's parents' house.  Amy and Lee had two dates - one in, and one out - to celebrate their 12th anniversary.

Amy attended a work conference in town and learned a lot, but being out of the office meant she had to scramble to keep up with her meetings and paperwork.  Lee juggled work projects and getting ready to teach a class this summer at Penn.

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