Friday, April 27, 2012

Warning: Growth Spurt Ahead

Oh boy, here we go.  Yesterday for breakfast, Aaron had his multivitamin, a glass of milk, and a half of pear, as is per usual.  The staples out of the way, I asked him what else he wanted for breakfast, and he said strawberry yogurt, so I spooned him a bowlful.  He downed that and, noticing that I was toasting bread, asked for two pieces with butter.  He scarfed that down and asked for two more pieces, which he also wolfed down.  Next was a second and then a third bowl of yogurt.

Luckily, it was time to go to school, or else he would have cleaned out the rest of the fridge.  But Amy and I immediately began discussions about adding to his lunch list, buying a second fridge, joining Sam's Club.  I see a growth spurt ahead, and I also predict I will be lighter in my pocket for it.
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