Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bag Lady (and Gentleman, Boy, and Girl)

"What's in your bag" is a useful way to divine the makeup of one's life.  Each of the four of us have two bags, actually, and their contents tell you a little bit about our days.

Aaron's baseball bag has his cap, his mitt, my mitt, and a bottled water.  His school bag is empty, as he only needs it on Fridays, when he goes to school with his lunch box and sweatshirt and comes home with his bedding to be washed.

Jada's ballet bag has her shoes, tights, skirt, and top, as well a snack.  Her school bag - well, God only knows what's in there, but it's usually some combination of food, homework, art, books, and rocks.

Amy's gym bag has a change of clothes, sneakers, lock, and headphones.  Her work bag includes her laptop and papers.

My gym bag has my swimming trunks, towel, lock, shampoo, soap, and deodorant. My work bag includes my laptop and papers.

It's a lot of bags to keep track of, and to keep stored in our foyer.  Such is our life.
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