Saturday, February 18, 2012


Today is the last day of swim class for Jada and Aaron for the Winter session at the Y.  Amy and I have decided to not sign them up for anything for either Spring session, and given our travel schedule, we’re not likely to sign them up for anything for either Summer session, either.  With both of our jobs demanding a lot of our time and brain space, and with Jada firmly entrenched in ballet and Aaron about to start baseball, we felt it was prudent to dial down our social calendars a hair, just to give our weekends more room to breathe. 

We’ll still go to the Y pretty regularly on weekends, with the kids hanging out in Kid Watch while the grown-ups get their workout on.  But we’ll be able to go at our leisure, instead of being bound by two start times and two end times.   Heck, we might even bum out at home one weekend just because we feel like it.  Sounds very un-Huang-like, I know.  But it might be for our good.
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