Friday, January 27, 2012

More Heat on the Homework

As noted before, Amy and I have tended to be more laissez faire when it comes to Jada's homework. We don't mind and in fact prefer that she turns in incorrect work, so that we can go over her mistakes after they've been marked up by her teacher, rather than before. Mistakes are good, so long as you learn from them, and we figure this is a better way to make the point.

But mistakes are one thing, and missing the boat altogether is another. And so last week's homework was not just marked up but included a note to the effect of "this homework was carelessly done." It wasn't just the errors, although there were many, but rather that some of Jada's answers did not appear to indicate that she understood the questions at all.

That, we feel, is worth checking on before and not after submittal on Fridays. Time's tight, since we put the kids to bed early and have them up early and out late, and plus Jada's ballet class eats into Monday evenings. But homework is worth making time for, not just to do but to do thoroughly. So we'll be making sure we all make time for careful completion.
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