Sunday, January 22, 2012

Birthday Drop-Offs Every Hour on the Hour

Yesterday brought a birthday party for both Jada and Aaron. Thankfully, both were in our neighborhood; with all the snow and slipperiness, it was good we never had to travel far. In fact, it was a relatively painless way for them to get in a little snow time: crunching with their boots on the snow on the sidewalk as we walked to and from their friends' house is lower-maintenance than letting them frolic around in big piles.

Our morning began as all Saturdays do, with a trip to the Y. Amy and I worked out while the kids were in the kid room. They then had their swim lessons, while I did laps in the pool. We all got showered, and then headed to Subway to grab some sandwiches before dropping off Aaron at his party, promptly at noon.

We headed home, ate our sandwiches, and let Jada putter around the house until it was time for her birthday party, down the street, at 2. I doubled back home, only to leave the house again 45 minutes later, to get Aaron from his party at 3. Aaron had a good time, and when we got home he was content to play with the toys in his party favor bag. I concluded the birthday shuttling by getting Jada at 4. And after that, we stayed home, for this shuttle had no more gas for any more stops.
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