Sunday, January 01, 2012

December in California, Day Eight

We lucked out with an 11 o'clock flight, so our final morning at Agong and Ama's house doesn't need to be a fire drill. In fact, I have time to wash the sheets and towels and put everything right before we head out, saving my sister the chore.

After breakfast, I make final packing arrangements and then we say our goodbyes to Agong and Ama. My sister takes us to the airport, and soon enough we are through security and headed for our gate. Because of a glitch, our seats are not together, but the nice lady at the counter is able to square that away.

The flight itself was uneventful. The kids toggled between watching TV, eating, and drawing, while I made my way through a bunch of crossword puzzles I had accumulated over the past several weeks.

Soon enough, we were touching down in Philadelphia. Amy picked us up and gave us all big hugs and lots of kisses. The kids were excited to be home, but we were successfully able to shoo them off to bed so as to get them back on East Coast time. Although a pile of unpacking, chores, and projects await me, Amy and I are in bed early as well. (It was a foregone conclusion we were not making it to midnight on New Year's Eve.) It's good to be home.
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