Friday, December 02, 2011

Slow Down, Girl

I enjoyed my first parent-teacher conference with Jada's first grade teacher earlier this week. She and I really hit it off: I like her approach to education and appreciate her particular attention to Jada. At one point, it was like we were finishing each other's sentences, since we were so in sync on our assessment of Jada.

We both agreed her strengths are that she has a sharp mind, aims to please, and works her tail off. Her weaknesses are that she works too quickly - she never fails to finish first - and is therefore prone to making errors. (I am exactly like that!)

Her communicative problems rear themselves in the classroom sometimes as well, whether not being up on social cues in ways that make it seem she isn't being respectful of others (not responding when she is being spoken to, not making eye contact, shriveling up when too much spotlight is put on her). Hopefully, we'll be able to get the school's speech therapist involved, if not with one-on-one sessions than at least with some helpful hints on how to assist Jada.

The time came and went like a snap. I thanked Jada's teacher for her style and her effort, and for all the helpful feedback. It was fun to relay all of the accolades to Jada later that evening. I'm proud of our little girl, and hopeful she has a good teacher to help her continue to grow and thrive in the classroom setting. If only we can get Jada to slow down!
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