Saturday, December 03, 2011

Seeking Empathy

Jada has never had a lovey-dovey side. Not that she's mean; far from it. But she isn't one to express pity or sympathy towards others. I wonder what we can do to teach her empathy.

The other day, the kids and I arrived at home, and while stumbling around in the dark (Amy wasn't home yet and it was already quite dark outside), Jada accidentally stepped on Aaron's hand, causing Aaron to howl. I softly encouraged Jada to say sorry, but that upset Jada greatly. There were probably other things going on for her, but suffice it to say that the notion of feeling sorry that someone is hurt is simply not on her radar screen.

That's obviously not a good thing. So we'll gently nurture her towards having more empathy, and hope that it is something that can grow in her.
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