Monday, October 31, 2011

We Say Boo, Brrr, and Bye at the Zoo

A second visit to Boo at the Zoo doubled as our final visit to the Zoo in awhile, as our membership expires today and we're not renewing. For that reason, even though snow prevented us from going on Saturday, even 40 degree temps couldn't keep us away yesterday. The cold weather did, however, keep me from getting good pics of the kids in their costumes, as they were bundled in their winter coats whenever we were not in an indoor exhibit.

No mind, we still had fun. We got tons more candy; going at the end of the day, some of the booths were just throwing piles of stuff our way to get rid of it. We saw some of our familiar exhibits and even some new ones, which is always fun. And anything is fun when you're wearing costumes.

So boo, brrr, and bye, zoo. As I think back on the 50+ times we've been in the past five years, I recall many, many good times. Maybe the next time, I'll be tagging along with Aaron or Jada and their kids.

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