Sunday, October 30, 2011

Snow Stopper

It took a freak weather event - snow accumulation in October - to secure me a nap on a Saturday afternoon, my first in several weeks. The combination of a busy social schedule and many things on my house to-do list meant I was forgoing that precious luxury many consecutive weekends, and my body was starting to feel it.

Yesterday was to be no different: after the kids' soccer practices, maybe a family dip in the pool, lunch at Mickey D's, some canvassing for my City Council candidate friend, and one last trip to the zoo before our membership expires. At that rate, we were looking at straight activities until dinner, after which bedtime (theirs) and bedtime (mine) were sure to follow.

But with the rain coming down in increasingly sleety versions, we decided to cut our Y time short, and headed straight home for baths and lunch after soccer practice. The kids retired upstairs for "room time" (translation: I don't care what you do, just be quiet) and then TV, and after a few errands around the house, I decided to head to my preferred nap spot (purple room couch) and was soon fast asleep.

Neither wild horses nor two increasingly boisterous kids could rouse me from my stupor. It wasn't a great nap - too uncomfortable, too much noise, not nearly long enough - but given the dry spell I've been on, I'll take it. After so much go go go, it was good to stop for a bit. Even if it took snow in October to do it.
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