Sunday, October 23, 2011

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

I had to take a three-day trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands this week for work. I left first thing Tuesday morning and returned after midnight on Thursday. Amy had planned to take Wednesday and Thursday off, and when Jada had a fever Monday night and into Tuesday, she had to take Tuesday off as well. Needless to say, after three straight days of solo parenting, Amy was glad to see me return.

As for the kids, you can guess how our reunions went down. I woke up early Friday morning, waited to hear stirring upstairs, and then tiptoed up to see them. Jada immediately popped up and said, "Daddy!" Meanwhile, Aaron turned on his whine siren, and slumped over in his bed.

Amy told me that while I was away, Jada expressed a lot that she missed me. Aaron, on the other hand, was insistent that he didn't miss me, but Amy insinuated that Aaron's behavior suggested otherwise: he was much crabbier and weepier, and just seemed out of sorts. I chalk that up less to him missing me and more to my absence changing up his daily routine.

At any rate, it is good to be back home, and I breathe a sigh of relief that Amy and the kids were good while I was gone. While I was in St. Thomas, it was "out of sight, out of mind," in that I was able to focus on work, be productive, and make the most of my time down there. But upon my return, the more appropriate adage is "absence makes the heart grow fonder," for I have found myself hugging Amy and the kids a little tighter and enjoying each moment a little more.
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