Monday, September 12, 2011

Sleeping In, Springing Up

It may be starting already for my kids. I refer to the ability to wake up early on mornings we don't have to be anywhere (i.e. weekends), and the inability to do so on mornings we actually do (i.e. school days). Coming back from back-to-back vacations, on the mornings of the first four days of school last week, the kids were found asleep at 7 and I had to wake them up, sometimes with great difficulty.

And yet, this past weekend, they were both up a little after 6. There was no discernible difference in our evening routine or in the time they went to bed. The only difference was that they could have slept in. And they didn't.

This morning will be the real test. Did they wake up early this past weekend because they are no longer jet-lagged and are back to their usual schedule? Or is there something about having to wake up that causes a kid to want to sleep deeply well past the hour they're supposed to get up, and something about not having to wake up that causes a kid to spring up at an unnecessarily early hour? We shall soon see.
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