Wednesday, September 07, 2011

First Day of First Grade

Even after back-to-back vacations, to Ocean City and San Jose, Jada couldn't wait until school started again. The day before the first day of school, she had her backpack on as soon as she woke up, and must have told me "I can't wait until tomorrow" about three dozen separate times.

Of course, once that magical morning of the first day of school arrived, she overslept. Who wouldn't, after so much travel and so much fun and so little sleep? Still, we made it to school with plenty of time. Unlike kindergarten, when I waited with her until her whole class had lined up in the courtyard and then took video of them marching into the school, I simply dropped her off and told her to look for her new teacher and her new classmates.

And off she went. Two of her close friends are in her same class, which made her happy. As did getting back into the rhythm of waking up, eating breakfast, getting walked to school, going to class, getting picked up, and going home.

In a couple of weeks, real homework assignments will commence. Our little baby is growing up before our eyes.
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