Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ocean City 2011- Day 7

With Irene lurking and an evacuation announced, there was nothing left to do on Friday except wake up, do laundry, pack, and get out of Dodge. We ended up leaving around noon. Not much traffic heading off of Ocean City, but tons of traffic on Garden State Parkway heading north, and then Atlantic City Expressway heading west (these being two major ways people south of us were getting out of the way of Irene).

We arrived home to a half-done kitchen (we're getting major work done there), so set up a mini-kitchen up on the third floor in the kids' play area since there was counter space, a sink, and a table. I took the kids to the Y for a dip in the pool while Amy unpacked, and then we got Subway and Dunkin Donuts for dinner. Even though having no kitchen was a major inconvenience, it was kind of fun to eat dinner up on the third floor.

After we put the kids to bed, Jada began to cry. Amy went to check on her and was intercepted by Aaron, who said that Jada was sad because she missed the beach. Well, our beach vacation got cut short by a day on account of Irene, but it was still a week's worth of fun and then some, so we have some fond memories and we even made a little girl cry because it was so good she longed for it all over again.

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