Monday, August 08, 2011

Aaron's Homies

Lover boy that he is, Aaron seems to have developed quite the affectionate relationships with several girls in his class. They all love to hug him goodbye when I come to pick him up, and he is happy to oblige. It's kind of sweet like that.

So it was interesting to see Aaron in action at his friend's birthday party. It was actually a double party: Aaron's friend and her younger brother. So there was a fairly even split of boys and girls there.

Sure enough, as soon as we arrived, Aaron and a girl friend shouted out to each other, and off he went to play with her. Yet that was actually the exception for the duration of the party: though he had some play time with girls, much of his play time was with boys. And it was the typical boy play: rough-housing, water play, and big monster cars.

It's nice to see Aaron make friends so easily and play so well. It's a far cry from the shy, moody, and crabby version we saw a lot of in his earlier years. Hopefully, he'll continue to have healthy relationships with both boys and girls. So far, he seems to have the friendly disposition for it.

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