Sunday, July 17, 2011

Listen Lesson

Partly because of her communicative delays, and partly because she is a typical child, Jada often doesn't listen to me. It's not a trait I like to see, and my responses range from sadness to anger to frustration to bewilderment.

Amy made a good suggestion the last time Jada failed to listen to me. She said I should make Jada write an apology note. So I communicated this to Jada, and she scurried upstairs to get to work on it.

She returned a few minutes later with a card with hearts drawn on the front. Inside, she had written:

"Dear Daddy, I'm sorry I did not listen to you. I'm glad you still love me. I did not listen because I forget sometimes. Love, Jada."

Lesson learned, I think. Not that she won't forget again. But the note seems to suggest she realizes why it matters to me that she listen to me, and that she feels bad for not doing so.
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