Friday, July 01, 2011

Huang Family Newsletter, July 2011

Kind of a wild month for the Huang clan. (What else is new?)

Jada and Lee ran in Jada’s school’s 1-mile run, while Amy and her brother Matt ran in the 5-K (and placed second in their respective age brackets). Alas, the celebration was dampened by the fact that Amy hurt her foot at the end of the race, and has had to wear a boot since then.

Lee had business meetings in Harrisburg, Kentucky, and San Diego, and gave the Father’s Day sermon at his church. He snuck away from the family one Sunday to see his beloved A’s take on the local Phillies.

The kids finished their school years and went right into summer camps. Weekend excursions included birthday parties, the local dinosaur museum, and a visit to friends in the outer burbs. Jada had to get her two bottom front teeth pulled by the dentist, since her grown-up teeth had come in behind them instead of under them.

Lee’s mom seems to be doing much better, praise God. Previous nagging physical issues have abated, and a new van (with room for her wheelchair) means she can go out more to see friends and take in nature.

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