Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Huang Family Newsletter, May 2011

Crazy month for the Huang clan. Amy and Lee were pretty maxed out with work stuff, Amy having to toggle between multiple locations and Lee juggling multiple projects and helping keynote a state heritage conference in Harrisburg. Amy was appropriately feted for Mother's Day, and spent the rest of the month doting on the rest of us. Lee's candidate for City Council at Large, David Oh, took first place in this month's primaries, and is well-positioned for the general elections in November. The kids did all sorts of fun stuff on the weekends: running laps at Franklin Field, attending concerts at Kimmel Center and the Mann, helping plant trees in the Bird Sanctuary just outside our backyard lot, visiting friends at Turtle Back Zoo in Essex County, attending May Fair in Collingswood, and going to a barbeque out in the burbs.

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