Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fun for All Ages

Good start to Memorial Day weekend. In the morning, I took the kids to May Fair at Collingswood, where they scored balloons, pretzels, and sand art. All the booths were fun to walk by, but the sweltering heat wore us out, and when Aaron dropped his sand creation, spilling multi-colored sand all over the sidewalk, that was our cue to head home.

The second third of the day involved laying low. Aaron watched cartoons, I napped, and Amy and Jada baked and folded laundry.

The last portion of the day was for the grown-ups. While Aaron and Jada stayed home with a babysitter, Amy and I headed down to South Street for dinner, dessert, window shopping, and people watching. By the evening, the heat had given way to a pleasant breeze, which brought the masses out and made everyone happy. Including two tired parents glad for a night out alone.

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