Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Father Delights in a Daughter's Worship

Our evening family devotional times have gotten a wee bit more raucous of late, thanks to Jada's insistence that we sing, bop, and wave our hands to "Your Grace is Enough," as sung by the characters on Veggie Tales. While surly Aaron folds his hands and announces he's not going along, the rest of us prance, prattle, and worship, Jada's bounciness and high-pitched singing voice being particularly cute.

As her dad, I cannot help but to smile and to swell with happiness. Is our little girl caught up in a cute song, or glad for something fun and silly that we can all do together? Certainly these are contributing factors. But I hope there is a little bit of childlike worshipfulness in her heart, which this new routine is helping unlock. And that makes me glad, for we were made to be that way, and God warrants such a response, and so I am delighted to see my daughter worship.

As her Heavenly Father, God must take similar delight, no?

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