Sunday, April 17, 2011

Triple the Fun on the Parkway

With the threat of heavy rain looming, I rushed home from the grocery store so I could get the kids downtown so we could be home before it started pouring. We grabbed a bus a block from our house, popped off at 19th Street, and excitedly trekked a few blocks north to Logan Circle and the Ben Franklin Parkway, where all sorts of kid-friendly stuff awaited.

First there was a science fair, with dozens of booths where the kids could learn how to make gummy bears, draw a crime scene, and watch an underwater robot. Interspersed in all of this was a book fair, with authors reading their stories while kids sat at their feet completely entranced. Finally, since we were on the doorstep of the Free Library, we went inside and each checked out three books.

On our way out, we puttered around a few more science booths, including one that was a roving storm chaser, replete with radar and all sorts of cool tracking devices. While the kids went inside the van to look at all the computer screens, I asked the guy outside what the forecast was for the rest of the day. He said rain was imminent, within an hour.

Sure enough, even as we were chatting, we felt a few drops. I hustled the kids out of the van and down the street to the bus stop. By the time we got dropped off in our neighborhood, it was sprinkling, and by the time we were inside eating lunch, it was raining considerably harder. Glad we got to have triple the fun on the Parkway, and glad we called it a day just in time.

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