Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bussy Galore

Not only is my commute all transit, but it's all bus. Where Aaron's school is is really only close to three bus lines, no rail lines. So after we drop off Jada, we walk two blocks to catch one bus, get off, walk another block, catch a second bus, and walk three blocks to Aaron's school. From there, I take a bus into Center City. On the way home, I reverse the process.

Out of six bus rides a day, probably four of them are pretty crowded; it is rush hour, after all. And my commute time has lengthened considerably, from almost a half-hour to pushing an hour door to door.

But it's nice to have some father-son time for the four legs I'm with Aaron, and some magazine-reading time for the two legs I'm solo. And, as I mentioned yesterday, my body doesn't miss the achiness of doing this by bike. So for now, it's buses, buses, and more buses.
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