Friday, April 29, 2011

Amateur Tantrum Night

Aaron, as you know, is the tantrum pro. Jada? Pretty amateurish. Witness these words in the midst of a meltdown precipitating by our insistence that there was to be no dessert after dinner:

Jada - "If you give me dessert, I will stop crying, but if you don't give me dessert, I will not stop crying."

(Amy and Lee look at each other bemusedly)

Amy - "We told you, there is no dessert tonight."

Jada - "Then I am going to keep on crying."

(And scene.)

There is some sadness intermingled with the humor in this episode. For while Amy and I tried to stifle a chuckle, we also realize this is indicative of Jada's communicative issues. I also see it when her friends call out to her in the hallway at school and Jada doesn't realize that you have to acknowledge such calls. We're in the midst of getting her back into speech therapy, to help her figure out how this peculiar thing called conversation works.
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