Saturday, March 05, 2011

Game Night at the Huang House

The first-ever Game Night at the Huang House last weekend was a raging success. We had bought "Sorry" and "Connect Four" for Jada's birthday, and decided to play them together as a family. Strange how they've tricked these games out for the "Nickelodeon" generation: "Sorry" featured the ability to build and move walls, as well as something called "The Claw," while "Connect Four," with its tilted board and adjustable flippers, resembled a pinball machine or a carnival game.

No matter: once we learned or relearned the rules, it was off to the races. When Amy was the first to get all her pawns safely home, she and Jada and I exulted . . . and Aaron sulked. Our attempt to get him to cheer with us only made him want to overturn the board. We called a family meeting to explain that within us four, we "rejoice when others rejoice, and suffer when others suffer," to paraphrase a concept from the Bible. That seemed to calm him down a bit, as did him finishing in second.

Methinks another Game Night is in order in the near future. Let's hope the kids grow up fast enough that we can tackle "Life" and "Monopoly."
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